How to stop a galah from squawking (you can’t)

A great thing about having a blog is that you can take a peek under the bonnet and find out how many people are reading it and what search terms they use to get to it. Today, I see someone has landed at my blog by searching “how to stop a galah from squawking”. Well, if there were ever a hopeless exercise, it is trying to stop a galah from squawking.

How to stop a galah from squawkingHappily, it would seem that this galah will be squawking for some time yet. This week I’ve been in Sydney for a battery of tests and specialists’ appointments. Everyone has given me top marks. The CT scan shows a great big fat zero on the tumour front – well, almost. There’s still an 8mm cyst in my liver but that might or might not be part of the cancer story, but that’s nothing compared to the 11cm and 5cm tumours I started out with. They’ve gone entirely and now it’s just a matter of mopping up any remains with my last two chemo sessions. The first of these is tomorrow (erk) and then there’ll be only one to go. I’m hoping that by spring, I’ll be pronounced In Remission. Squawkin’!

18 thoughts on “How to stop a galah from squawking (you can’t)

  1. Helen Bergen

    Fan-bloody-tastic. Well done to you Tracy – there’s alot of squawking left to do! That next chemo session has come around quickly – I’m sorry I’ve not dropped in to see you since last time.

    Wishing you speeding recovery from the next nadir – and here’s to the liver lesion being a benign spot.

  2. zoe

    Hurray. Great news. Will think of you during tomorrow’s chemo. Don’t suppose it will make it any less vile.

  3. Therese

    Great news Tracey….live reading your blog… I check in most Thursdays. Hope you are actually feeling as bright as you sound( or squawk as the case may be )


  4. ali

    That’s fantastic Tracy. You poor muggins – you’ve been in the horrors bu the sun is shining brightly just for you!

  5. Terrie Cupitt

    Great news Tracey – I actually hang out for Thursdays to see what is happening in your very busy little world. Well done xx

  6. Holly

    fantastic news Tracy, let’s explore how NOT to stop a galah from squawking a bit more!!!!!! xo Holly

  7. Margaret Jakovac

    Wow, that’s great news! Hope the next round of chemo is kinder than the last Hey, we’ve been harvesting the progeny of the Jerusalem artichokes you gave us. Read in the SMH they make good chips and, boy, do they ever. Yum. Thanks again Rgds M

  8. Harry Arp

    What good news! And possibly remission in Spring. And what do you know, your Spring is half a year sooner than my Spring!

  9. Linda Fogg (nee thomas)

    You are one tough cookie. With your attitude to life nothing is ever going to keep you down and out. So happy to hear your good new. keep up the good work my dear long long long time friend.

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