Scrabble with Cath and Kirsty

I won! I was lagging badly at first, Kirsty was the frontrunner, then I came up and passed her on the inside lane. My finest moment was “zeal” with Z over a triple letter score; Kirsty’s was locum over a triple word score. We consulted the Macquarie Dictionary and a page listing all the two-letter words. I’ve never played like that before – for me, dictionaries are only to be used when there’s a challenge – but this made it fun! We created the word “Qi” twice. Very handy for getting rid of a Q when you haven’t got a U. By the way, Cath Hale was a finalist in this year’s Portia Geach Memorial Prize at the SH Ervin Gallery with a portrait of Orange artist Neil Cuthbert. Excellent! We drank chai and Jedda the dog was curled up on a chair like a cat.

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