Pedigree. This was the most moving of all the pages I made for this journal. It shows the flow of the BRCA1 gene mutation from my grandfather (Pop) on my father’s side, down through Dad and his sister Joyce, and on to the next generations. The young children have question marks under their names, because we don’t yet know if they have inherited the BRCA1 gene mutation. My cousin Sharon died of ovarian cancer in the 1990s.

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  1. Megan

    Oh your smile is so contagious in this pic! I love your take on all of these projects, when I read your blog I always feel my heart wanting to reach into the computer to give you a big nanna/warm wooly jumper hug! As a mere reader/onlooker I feel so connected and drawn in that it brings me to tears! You are one hell of an amazing lady and I feel blessed to know you! You seem so together, I imagine you are not, but hoping in reality you are closer to the former! Xoxoxox

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