Fully debulked

On Tuesday I was wheeled in to the Theatre of the Abdomen. Five hours later, I was wheeled out missing various body parts; fortunately they’re all bits that we can live reasonably well without. I’m now semi prone on my hospital bed typing this with one finger. One of my surgeons liked the plastic bag of crocheted abdominal organs; the other hasn’t seen them yet. And now I’m going to sign off and go back to drifting in and out of painkiller-land. I’m hoping to have my brains back by next Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Fully debulked

  1. Vianne

    Thank you Tracy. I love that you keep workin’ that finger and your wonderful brain.

  2. karen woodhall

    Tracy, I would have forgiven you for skipping this weeks’ narrative! but, glad to hear that you are doing well. Yes, hit that good ole pain button….and don’t worry about the brains just yet.
    Lots of love, and recover speedily.

  3. Dawn Nusa

    Our magnificent Trace. They’ve obviously debunked all the random bits because you (and your brain) are spectacularly intact. D x

  4. vivchook

    Oh, thank Goodness! My brains have been full of a squawking galah these last few days – maybe that’s where yours are.. You really are amazing, Tracey. Hit the button like you vote – do it early, & often. xVivienne. Mwah!

  5. Nicola W

    Glad to hear it all went well, sounding just as amazing as ever. Hope to hear you’re recovered soon! xox

  6. John Merkel

    Xxx. Hope to see you in b-town if you’re home around 27th. Otherwise in syds if you’re still in hospital

  7. Sue

    I’ve been thinking the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse could use you as one of their artists in residence. They have ongoing art projects to engage patients & carers in their front lobby area and I’d love to see your crocheted abdominal organs on display!

    I found it takes a while to get your brains back. Just let Steve do your thinking for you for a while. 🙂 xx

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