Frightened of the cold in Katoomba

Now I feel a bit frightened about Katoomba. It’ll be freezing. I could do that thing Dawn and Peter did at Castlemaine – they all lived in one room, where the heater was.

That photo of MY BELLY with the fruit and flowers went down really well at the PMT exhibition, esp. among a couple of lesbians.

Greenwood Plaza
Lisa has given me the delightful sleeveless jacket thing I’m wearing. I can see myself not taking it off all winter. I’ve come into the Plaza looking for clothes. I hate shopping so much, I can’t tell you. I hate all the chain stores, blaring music, all selling the same mass-produced shite. I only ever get inspired looking at clothes that are far too expensive. Nervous about going back to work and still not having any clothes.

Rode over here on bike, on way to drop off extremely overdue music CDs and tapes dating from Mum’s request to get Mum Mum some music. I did a bad job of that compilation. I’m bad at shopping, bad at making compilation tapes. If I’ve got a Moosewood cookbook, I’m not too bad at cooking.

Can’t wait to get exhibition photos back of all of us in black and red at our menstrual evening.

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