Day avec Lisa

Day avec Lisa. Wonderful to be on hols. Made a stir fry lunch for us, ate it out the back on the outdoor furniture on a floor of fallen leaves. Unseasonal warm weather continues. We went to Kathmandu to look at jackets. All wonderful. Okay. I want one of those jackets, especially if I’m going to live in Katoomba. Can’t afford it right now.

To Circular Quay, killing time until the ferry to Woolwich. Popped in to Guava, Lisa got me to try on clothes I’d normally never try. None looked crash-hot. I looked best in what I had on: bright red body warmer with hood (I’ll be living in it all winter), black skivvy and jeans and my “magic” shoes, the funky sneakers bought prior to my trip into the Wollemi wilderness with Ian.

Ferry to Woolwich. Cockatoo Island. The great north walk. Note: this walk goes all the way to Newcastle! Strode out, following it, as if embarking on a trip to Newcastle. Ferry back. Warm inside the ferry. Red seats. A great huge hunk of sirloin at The Rose. An indulgent, free, hedonistic day with Lisa. I wagged yoga and felt fine about it.

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