I’m certain that this photo of a plastic bread bag in the grass in the back yard is evidence of a crime. This morning I was looking for, and wondering about, a loaf of bread bought only last night. Where was it? I looked in usual and unusual places, but no bread. Later, I saw this (pictured) and all the pieces fell together. Stolen by a dog or dogs and eaten, leaving only this bit of incriminating plastic. One dog working alone, or two dogs working together? One dog doing all the work, the other enjoying the proceeds? We’ll never know.

2 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. House of Har and Mar

    Hmmm, a not unfamiliar crime scene in the House of Har and Mar… Leading to much the same deliberation on perpetrators. In our case it was felt that the lead was taken by a certain Mar. As a result bread is always stored on top of the toaster now, and the toaster is always turned off at the wall, in case it accidently and mysteriously turns itself on and melts the plastic bread cover and causes a conflagration. Conflagrations are not good.
    And a word from Har & Mar: you go Bertie and Taro – mmm mmm bread is NICE.

  2. Tracy Sorensen

    You know what? It happened AGAIN the next day! We got smart and started keeping inside the cupboard.

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