And now, the movie

I’ve just had a flying visit from my friend John Merkel who is heading back to Melbourne tomorrow. He’s loving Melbourne and his new girlfriend and generally getting about being a Lebenskünstler. After I showed him my crocheted guts, he got his iPhone 3 out of his pocket and asked if I’d mind repeating myself for the movie. I said I didn’t mind. It’s worked out well, actually, because I was beginning to wonder what I was going to blog about today. As you can see from this clip, my eyebrows have come back nicely.

8 thoughts on “And now, the movie

  1. Merrill

    Thank you! At last I get to see the crocheted guts and hear the explanation for what got ripped out or nipped. With a new word to accurately describe a gutsy crocheter with new Spring eyebrows: for you too are a Lebenskünstler. A maestro in the art of living! Here’s to the 40%!

  2. Terrie Cupitt

    What next will you achieve Tracy – I shake my head with just sheer amazement at everything that you have gone through and now coming out the other end to make your own movie. You are one amazing girl! Well done

    PS I can see the eyebrows under that beautiful hat – I hope they grow back in a beautiful shape that you never have to worry about plucking.

    All my love xx

  3. Catherine Mardell

    Gee Tracy. That is a great way to show what has happened in your surgery. Of course you will be in the 40% cohort of survivors. Well done. Keep up the good work. You are in my prayers. X

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