A giant pair of bosoms

I’m aware that my last post is hanging there (as it were) waiting for an answer. Will I or won’t I? I think my answer is yes. I think I’ll have them off. I’m going back to see Dr French next week. I intend to walk in to his consulting room in a decisive manner, one way or another. Will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I happened to see Dolly Parton on television for a few minutes yesterday with the sound off. I was working at National Radio News on the producer shift for the afternoon. We have two big tellies going all day, one on ABC News 24, the other on Sky. Younger journos can cope with audio from both on at the same time, plus the radio tuned to 2MCE. I can’t. My brain quickly reaches fugue state so I tend to turn a few things down or off. That’s how I happened to be watching Dolly Parton with the sound off. She wasn’t singing or entertaining – it was some sort of chat, being delivered from a standing position. The camera zoomed in, fascinated, at her giant bosom. Nothing prurient there. It’s what anyone would do. To have a closer look, to marvel. What is interesting is that Dolly Parton is no longer buxom in any other part of her anatomy. Her waist is terrifyingly tiny. There is no rib cage to support those enormous breasts. How does it all work? Actually, I’m wrong about that. The camera cut back to her face and that’s when I saw her lips – they, too, were buxom. With the sound on, she was probably being witty and fabulous. With it off, she was scary. Anyway, I have the right to look carefully at artificial breasts. I will probably have my own set, soon. They’ll be smaller, though. Smaller than the ones I have now.

2 thoughts on “A giant pair of bosoms

  1. Jane

    “I intend to walk in to his consulting room in a decisive manner, one way or another.” Hope you can feel my complete approval raining down on you. Bum.

  2. squawkingalah Post author

    Thanks Jane. PS – I know it’s not strictly correct to say “bosoms”. But that’s the way we said it as kids, whispered behind curled hands.

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