You don’t need a weatherman to say which way the wind’s blowin. I think that’s the Dylan quote. There was an extraordinary documentary on SBS last night – interviews with Weather Underground members, 30 years later, quite sympathetic. Actually it just told the story through interviews with them, and voiced-over letters and unpublished memoirs and archival footage. No narration that I can remember. Last night I dreamed about it – a big burnt ship somehow still floating on the water after 30 years. I was visiting the ship. I was saying: “I didn’t realise how heavy this was. I thought it was just a glorified student demo.” I used the word “heavy” because that’s a word they were using in the doco. Barry Healy told me about the Weathermen back in the early 1980s. To me, then – it was probably 1983 – it seemed he was talking about a phenomenon in the distant past when actually it was still close. Then.

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