There’s a Blair over there

World Stage: Lisa texts from Brighton: “Its the middle of the night and i am up watching labour win a historical third term uneven results tho getting a kick up the arse over the war 06.05.05 1.41am”

Local fauna observations: Bertie took my brown shoe (gorgeous Italian leather brown shoe from Angela) out to the side gate. I said to Steve, “Have you searched the whole back yard?” and he said “No”, in the tone of “Why should I? It’s your shoe”. Bertie’s kennel is a converted fridge. Spewing out of it, chunks of foam from his torn-up mattress. Over the past two days, three mice have suddenly lost their lives in the trap on our kitchen bench.

Reading: I’m inching through De Lillo’s Underworld. I want to love it, but it’s Hard Work. I’m reading bits of things: Paul Johnson’s A History of the American People, short stories by Carmel Bird, monologues and plays and stories written by Vince Melton here in Bathurst. I bought Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown the other day. It’s just sitting on the shelf, waiting for Later.

Watching: Nothing at the moment.

Work: It’s all mad at work. I’ve brought the work car home for the weekend. The old VW is sitting alone and undefended outside the office at W9. The work car is a big bulky dark red thing with a fabulous sound system. I drove off from the BP service station in Orange the other day without paying. I remembered later and rang them and paid up with my credit card. It had been registered as a Drive Off.

Drinking: Twining’s Darjeeling tea from the yellow teapot we had in the share house in Chippendale.

WARP TV: On Monday we’re going to film some Tibetan monks creating a sand mandala at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and on Wednesday, we’re going to film them playing soccer at the PCYC.

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