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Spring eyebrows

Pink blossoms.At the moment I have everything I wanted. Which is Spring on earth and the eyeballs to witness it. My eyebrows are returning. The hairs are coming back nice and black. The hair on top of my head is also sprouting, along with buds and flowers and bits of moss with its own tiny flowers. Here in Bathurst yellow flower season (daffodils, wattle) is giving way to pink flower season (ravishing masses of blossoms on street trees).

seed_trayYesterday I planted tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum seeds in a tray and put them on a small table on top of a bigger table under the window out the back. We have such a short growing season here that you have to get a head start on summer veges.

downward_dogBertie has a split toenail and a slight infection. It hasn’t stopped him doing a spot of yoga, though. (He had a couple of lessons from Tracey Carpenter earlier in the year.)


The skipping continues at my little friend Marcus’s school. Today is a skip-off. He’s been practicing, and is now up to 113 skips before the rope snags around his legs.

RETLast Sunday we joined the March Australia event in Bathurst, taking along a large sign and our house guests from Canberra. In Australia we can get our energy from renewable sources. We don’t need to bugger up the Great Barrier Reef building coal export terminals.