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My hebetudinous day


Brain fog today. Utterly unfocused. Then discover that artwiculate’s word of the day is hebetudinous. Okay, now I understand. This is bigger than me.

Fascinated by dead creative people like Graham Chapman and Tiny Tim. Slightly spooky. Need to go outside and see what is out there. Need to take Bertie for a walk somewhere. Let us now identify a place on the map and take Bertie there for a walk and see what happens.

Google maps suggests the following, once one is out on the Great Western Highway pointing in the direction of Sydney:

Turn right at Napoleon St

Take the 1st left on to Christie St

Take the 1st right on to Nelson St

Nelson St turns left and becomes Cross St

Turn right at Barley St

Turn right towards Cotton St

Continue straight onto Cotton St


I dun dat. I took Bertie to Raglan. I was going to walk around on Cotton Street (rural dirt road) but got concerned about Bertie disturbing any grazing livestock, so headed back over the railway line for a more urban experience. Pulled up next to the Raglan Public School grounds. Walked down Frome, Nelson, Landseer and back to Frome, then drove away. A bit windy. Will it rain?