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La Paz, the day before the national elections

Day 19 of South American holiday

I´m sitting in the Internet booth of the Hotel Fuentes in La Paz. Steve and I are suffering from altitude listlessness. The national elections are on tomorrow. No alcohol has been served in the country since last Friday. We listened to a Dutch woman aruging with staff about this yesterday. She felt she should be an exception to the national rule because she was not, herself, voting. Travel is a great study in national characteristics, as revealed through the world´s tourists. Today, I´m anti-tourism. There are dozens of arguments against wandering stupidly over other people´s countries. (Yesterday, I was all for it.)


From “Notes” notebook:

  • Tricia Fong’s birthday
  • Dangerous (traffic) walk after breakfast up to the museum area around Calle Jaén. Popped in to the precious metals museum and the one with all the dioramas.
  • Thank God for backpacker refuge, Sol y Luna! Nice clean baño and now for lunch – starving!
  • Both had long nap in the arvo – not feeling the best.
  • In the evening, a trek to the more expensive part of La Paz, found a reassuringly western supermercado & bought ham and cheese for tomorrow [national elections mean restaurants and hotels will be shut]. Bought rolls from a trad. Bolivian woman selling on the street.
  • Cheeseburger and chips from Danny’s Diner.
  • Long walk home.
  • Staying at the Hotel Fuentes.