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Riding my bike to renew my driver’s licence

Yes, that’s right – today I rode my bike to renew my driver’s licence.  The word “licence” comes up as a spelling error but this is how it’s spelled on the licence. Actually, have you noticed that the RTA steps neatly around potential possessive apostrophe problems (PPAPs) by calling the licence a “Driver Licence”? Have a look at your driver’s licence (if you live in New South Wales). The photo isn’t too bad; slightly untidy hair. It was wonderful, riding my bike on this gorgeous summer day. I found the cycle path that follows the highway, although at a certain point there I was riding over the crunchy gravel at the front of the Holden car yard, between the on-sale Holdens – a little short cut. When one rides a bike one is immediately outside mainstream experience. One is being a little bit different, a little bit daring, a little bit off the beaten track, even if it is just an unofficial path through the Holden car yard.