My own willow pattern

Willow and bridge, Bathurst

Willow and bridge, Bathurst

It’s September 15. We’re fifteen days into spring but I’m only just getting it now. I’ve had a cold/flu for days. Been inside the house most of the time. This morning I was going to sit down and do some work but I was overcome by the desire to get out of this house and into the spring day. I packed my little Chinese notebook in my backpack, leashed Bertie, and we were off out of the door. The little Chinese notebook is black with red corners and a red spine. You can get them in all sizes. This one is about 8cm by 11cm and about a centimetre thick. I set off in my long-sleeve white shirt, New York Yankees baseball cap, Bertie on a long leash. I only got across the road and had to stop at the plum tree. Look at the brown of those new spring leaves that have come out as the pink blossoms die. The brown makes me think of the brown plastic of a plastic camel, like maybe a Crazy Camel Train camel. A reddish brown. Bertie started whining. What are you doing? Why aren’t we moving? I was taking photos of the brown leaves. The street. Everything was so bloody beautiful, so spring.

Anna and I had a conversation about spring on the phone this morning. Every spring, we feel like it’s the first time we’ve really noticed spring. We couldn’t have felt it so clearly before this.

The bridge and willow made me think of willow patterns. I googled, and found this woman’s interesting engagement with the willow pattern:

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