Sports photography

It’s a lot harder to be a sports photographer than I thought. On tv you see all those fabulous close-ups of faces as they go to kick a ball, and then the magnificent wide-shot as it sails over the field towards the goal… well, Steve & I were pretty shite at capturing the Tibetan monks’ soccer game at the indoor stadium the other day. The light was dull, I kept missing key moments of play, and the zoomed-in close-ups are all shaky and horrible. It was good to see the game, though – monks in long maroon skirts kicking a ball around with friendly young Bathurstians. A highschool girl approached me and said, “Are they real monks? Or is this just a joke?” I said, “Oh, they’re full-on monks!” I now have about an hour and a half of mostly awful footage which I’m handing over to WARP TV member Tom Bannigan for editing. There might be a minute or so worth using.

National stage: Barry Healy emails to say he’s been helping to organise a Stolen Wages campaign, and that there was a contingent in Fremantle’s May Day rally

Home front: There’s little squeaking sounds behind the wall near the toaster. Maybe we’ve orphaned a nest of baby mice.

Seasonal information: Autumn leaves raining down. Sitting in the courtyard at Zeigler’s cafe, autumn leaves landing in your coffee.

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