Peach tree

I’ve just netted off a few peaches. Bertie loves peaches – he’ll grab all the peaches on the lower branches, the birds will get the peaches up the top, and I’ve baggsed a few in the middle. I used old bits of netting curtain. We have nearly finished our shadecloth project. Steve got $50 worth of Bunnings vouchers for Christmas, and these went towards the shadecloth fabric and the bits and bobs to string it up and tension it. Getting it “taunt” has been the major challenge. Lots of time spent up on ladder. I’ve been sewing on the tabs with the ancient, heavy Pinnock sewing machine bought from a garage sale for $10. It does a good enough job. Last night, New Year’s Eve, was spent with friends in Keppel Street and their beautiful little goat, Bibbi. We all walked down to Blockbuster to return a video, and Bibbi trotted along with us. Bibbi came all the way into the video store, and the attendant said: “That’s not something you see every day.” Bibbi is brown, white and black, and sleeps at night in a big cardboard box. The other animals in the household include six pigeons and a black and white rabbit (Pongo).

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