Beyond the yellow lid

This week I watched a marvellous video on YouTube. It wasn’t the one with the cat flushing the toilet or the twin babies talking. It was much closer to home: a video about exactly what happens to the stuff that goes into our yellow-lidded recycled bins. The video, by Bathurst Regional Council, follows a plastic bottle and a few other items as they get picked up at the kerb and go through a partly mechanised, partly human-powered sorting system and then off to be re-made into new items. It’s not as funny as the cat flushing the toilet – in fact it’s not funny at all – but it does show how important recycling is to keeping mountains of rubbish out of landfill. The web address is:

I note that Bob Irwin, father of the late Steve Irwin, has been arrested for protesting against coal seam gas in Queensland. Those of us who saw the film Gasland in Bathurst can understand why he has put himself out on a limb like this. The process of “fracking” rock to get at gas is an environmental disaster. I hope that the new O’Farrell state government, via our local member and mayor Paul Toole, will take heed of community fears about the rush to coal seam gas.

While BCCAN has members who support parties across the political spectrum, including the Coalition, I must say that for me, it was a huge relief that Orange councillor Jeremy Buckingham from the Greens trumped Pauline Hanson for a seat in the upper house. We now have another strong voice in parliament for action on climate change and support for renewable energy.

As part of the Autumn Heritage festival, there’s a fun bike-riding activity for the whole family. Pick up a pack from the visitors’ centre and go on a self-guided bike ride to points of interest on the heritage trail. Details: 1800 681 000.

Coming up towards the end of the month, a key player in wind farm energy is coming to town. Jonathan Upson, Senior Development Manager of Infigen Energy, will address a public meeting about the benefits of widfarms at the Bathurst RSL on Thursday, April 28 at 5pm. All are welcome.

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  1. Tidd

    Good article. Too many people protest about wind turbines ‘spoiling the countryside’. Where were these people 80 years ago when electricity pylons marched everywhere, surely far more spoiling than a cluster of white propellors?

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