Today is green

Today it’s all about green. I walked into a meeting at 9am and there was my colleague Fiona with a great big brooch in the shape of a green mug of Guinness. And when I went to get a flat white, all the girls in the cafe were in green: green glittery glasses, a huge green felt hat, green Guinness antennas. They went about their business like cheerful elves. In the cake display, some sponge cake with splats of green icing.

Off I went, back to my green car, walking over some nice green grass. (It was as though my eyes had been primed for green, so the grass looked particularly green.) When I got home I noticed there was mail hanging out of my green letterbox. In it – yes, you guessed! – a Green letter! Actually it was a brochure from Diane Solomon Westerhuis, Greens candidate for the seat of Bathurst. She is sitting on the front of the brochure on green grass with her husband and two Scottie dogs, one white and one black (although the white one has been obscured by text, so you only see its ears).

Flora and fauna updates

My friend Ray Mjadwesch has emailed me a photo of Hester the hare. We’re hoping she’ll make it onto the Daily Bunny. Fingers crossed. If not, you can still see Hester here.

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