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Day 28 of South American holiday

Transcribed from Notes:

  • I’m having a quiet Internet-and-coffee day in Machu Picchu Pueblo/Aguas Calientes; Steve has gone back up to Machu Picchu, this time with Rosebud (forgot to get a pic of her there yesterday!).
  • Fact: Hiram Bingham plundered up to 40,000 items from Machu Picchu!
  • 16.:13 Be at Train Station
  • 16:43 Depart for Cusco
  • Murderous four hour train trip back to Poroy. Then bus to Cusco main Square and even Jack’s is a disappointment – the tea is not scalding hot. Have had enough, now [of the holiday] – but a long arduous trip home looms…

Accommodation: Room 5, Samay Wasi, Cusco