State of Play

I saw State of Play last night at the Metro Cinema, Bathurst. I surfaced from a day of writing the script for an educational video on employability skills for high school students. I was still on a roll (a bread roll?) at 8.30pm but starting to flag. So off I went to the movie at 9pm with Steve and FG. I loved the naturalistic, shabby Russell Crowe. It was an excellent movie, very tight, strangely old fashioned; restrained. It felt like a loving goodbye to newspapers. Those long, lingering shots of the printing presses at the end – saying goodbye. It’s all still here, today – the piles of newsprint, the great rolls of paper – but there’s the feeling of the last days of the carriage factories before the onset of the motor car. A must-see for my TAFE journalism students. But it’ll be gone from Bathurst before I can do all the excursion paperwork, so I’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

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