In training for South America

two dogs

Taro (white) and Bertie on Mt Pan Oct 27, 2009.

Breathless upon walking up the stairs at the Lyric Theatre at Star City the other day. Leaving for South America (first stop Santiago, Chile) on November 18. How am I going to traipse all round Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador? Rather scary. So I’ve started a training programme. Well, I started it on Monday actually, then skipped Tues and Wed and coming back to it today. Took Bertie and Taro up to Mt Panorama, recent scene of kangaroo carnage followed by V8 car race. Now a pleasant, quiet spot with walkers and dogs being walked. Today is a gorgeous spring day. Very un-windy up there. Here’s an uninteresting pic of Bertie and Taro on Mt Pan. I’m practicing using the little point-and-shoot for the trip.


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