In search of brain relief

Brain beanie/candypop creations/Etsy

I’m tired of being led by the nose by my brain. I think we’re going off in one direction, only to find we’re actually going in another, or around in circles. Or I’ll be somewhere and find that my brain has wandered off without me.

Meanwhile, and quite possibly related, my sleep patterns have gone down the toilet. I’m not getting enough when it’s dark, so I sleep for odd stretches in broad daylight.

I just read on Twitter that the human brain runs on about 12 watts. I think mine’s working on about 3 watts, but those three watts are doing enough to cause trouble. I can feel the brain cells jiggling; whether this jiggling is productive or not, I can’t yet tell.

For better or worse, today my brain has been exercised by the following:

      • A video about how to make fondant icing for cupcakes. This relates to a fundraising Afternoon Teal I’ll be hosting in February.
      • The Planning and Assessment Commission’s approval of a dirty great open cut coal mine on the Liverpool Plains, some of the most productive farming land in the country. This mine will dig up to 10 million tonnes of coal a year for 30 years. This is deeply crazy stuff. To have any hope of heading off a disastrous rise in temperature, we need to keep remaining fossil fuels in the ground. But the PAC’s report simply weighs up pros and cons as if half a century of climate science simply didn’t exist.
      • Interesting information, over a lunchtime chat, about some taxidermied local animals up at the big old Catholic school on the hill behind our place. The stuffed animals have been looking out of their glass cabinets at generations of uniformed schoolboys coming and going. I’m wondering if it might be possible to give these creatures a weekend outing, to participate in an exhibition of 200 plants and animals that I’m plotting …
      • A car that has a yarnbomb-style all-over coat made by near neighbour Steph Luke. When I took the wigs and hat she’d loaned me to get through last year’s chemo baldness, I found her in the middle of crocheting some additional touches. There are certain plans for this car. Stay tuned.
      • How to attach ring pulls to a sheet of translucent perspex for the coming Waste to Art exhibition. Answer: little clear hooks. There’ll be a mass of these on the translucent sheet representing carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere.


Mt Panorama ring pull

I’m still off coffee, by the way. But lots of tea. A friend suggested today that I stop drinking caffeinated tea if I want to get any sleep. This thought makes me want to curl up and not bother to go on. So probably not a great idea right now.

4 thoughts on “In search of brain relief

  1. Flea

    I think you should photoshop a whole lot of photos from Prague and such and we’ll just pretend you have jetlag. One hour a day shift.

  2. karen woodhall

    Tracy, have your beloved coffee with cream, in the morning. Savour it, meditate on it, enjoy it. One coffee’s- worth of cream won’t bother your cholesterol. Then keep the teas down to one or two, and all before mid day. Decaf only after that. Go to bed before mid night. According to chinese medicine 11pm is the best time to go to sleep…. when the gall bladder is “on duty” At 3 am the liver takes over, you are supposed to be deeply asleep while it is working. Have a look at the “Shen cycle”
    I know a lady who is on a high protein, low carb diet, and she swears that all our modern health problems are caused by carbs and high blood sugar – not fats. xxxx Karen

  3. Helen Bergen

    I’d like a new brain also please. And more time. much more time. And the ability to get to bed before midnight and then sleep soundly. That would be good.

    And a personal assistant. We all need a personal assistant.

    And the “couldn’t-give-an-arse-about-saving-the-world gene”…that’d be a great gene to have don’t you think?

  4. Anne Powles

    My suggestion is we organise a brain swop to see if we can do any better. Mine is very low on charge too so I’d love to try someone else’s. A change might be as good as a holiday!

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