I has a pen

Yay! I has a pen. It’s Saturday, Feb 26, the last official day of Bertie’s Dermotic ear treatments. I on bus just past the old Malaya restaurant  [Broadway, Sydney] site where we used to go in the late ’80s, DA [Direct Action] era. Jim P. knew how to eat, how to do food. His other great calling could have been chef. These days “chef” would be big enough for him. There’s Orion vs Ironbar or Kevin vs Crowbar. There’s a lot more to be explored. I just touched on it in TLG. P. Bishop might be in Adelaide right now; he could be talking to Penguin right now!


Books. Upstairs in Dymocks bookshop, in the cafe. They used to sell exquisite cups of tea here. I loved to be here. I think it was here that I had tea w. Lisa early on and she reported back on her compost workshop. Oooh! This tea is pretty bloody lovely! It’s Earl Grey. I went off Earl Grey a few years ago – over use, maybe – but now back.

Just tried logging in to Twitter – no luck – from mobile phone. Good.

Just came in on the bus from Formule 1 hotel in St Peters, looking out window @ people on King Street [Newtown]. It’s Mardi Gras day, a warm summer day, and the focus is on sex. One young woman was dressed like a black nymph or goddess w. goddess sandals black and tiny shift dress made seemingly by hacking at an oversize black t shirt with great big arm holes that you could almost see straight through to the breasts with. It was actually an obscene dress.

It’s nice sitting here on the mezzanine looking down at the soberly dressed women in their light blue Dymocks shirts with a red stripe.

Warp TV idea: Get Grant to read the last page of a Mills and Boon novel and then tell us what the book was about. How brill! Grant made a planet. Split screen ECU Grant’s face on side side, his hands on the other. He sees that it is good, he boils it, he eats it in a sandwich. Make it like Denise’s Day, using boxes on the screen, an intonation, music. Must sent the Lost Arts video to Vivienne Binns. Have someone reading from a macrame how-to passage.

I’m on fire! I don’t want to do anything else! I’m sick of sitting around not being an artist.

Looking out of the bus window – King Street – richer every time. Rica, rica! Dripping in wealth. In people having having having getting getting getting. There’s something appalling about it. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t tell a nice story. The tension involved in the pursuit of pleasure. On the other hand it’s a picture of comfort and relaxation.

Saw Jacquie O’Reilly at the MCA. Her show went really well last night.

[People watching from outdoor cafe on Circular Quay near the Dendy Quays, sun in my eyes]

Major stiletto situation. Some  are good at walking in their high shoes. The women in flat shoes look so comfortable compared to their teetering colleagues. Is everyone going to the Opera House? What are they all doing? I am people-watching and they are self-conscious, knowing they are watched. Some women walk freely in bare feet, their high heels under their arm, their boyfriends in their wake.

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