Flora and fauna reports

Our street is looking gorgeous, with pink blossoms on all the trees. On the street around the corner, there are wattle trees in bloom. Beautiful pink and yellow. Bertie was much improved at dog school today. He still spends a lot of time down on the ground in a pose of abject misery, scraping at his halti and muzzle with his paws, but not all the time. I’m working on publicity for the Bathurst Theatre Company’s production of Andrew Bovell’s Holy Day at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre September 28-30. I interviewed Sarina Andrew today, who plays Linda. I watched her perform her last scene, where she hangs herself, and watched her being carried off. She was magnificent. I kept taking photos of her, knowing they were all bad. I had to stop eventually, because she needed to go back inside and my photos weren’t improving.

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