First frost

Before I forget, I just want to report that our first frost in Bathurst this year was either May 24 or May 25. This is later than usual. It’s nice and warm during the day, frosty and cold at night.

Flora and fauna reports: Autumn leaves swirling around in the wind, crunching underfoot. Bertie was a maniac on our evening walk tonight. We set off at about 5.10pm for the park. I had to fight him all the way – he kept lunging towards other (barking) dogs. Last Sunday we planted pansies in the front garden. As we dug up the garden, I did some archaeology. I saved bits of tile, dish, brick and the pull off an old ring pull. These things have gone unlabelled into my memory box.

Renovation news: This morning we had two men in flourescent shirts turn up to look at the house before they quote on our plans. Later one of these men, Jeff, emailed to ask if our ceiling fan and light fittings were ornate or standard, and other questions about tiles in the bathroom and laundry. We’re inching, inching, towards The Great Reno.

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