I studied journalism and worked as a journalist for many years, but these days I’m increasingly turning to fiction and literary non-fiction.

I’m writing about cancer and my thoughts about life and death. For example, I wrote this at Varuna in October 2014.

I’m now working on a PhD thesis about craft and climate change. Hard to explain in 25 words or less, but it has something to do with my admiration for the crocheted coral reef project.

Meanwhile, my novel (spruced up through a mentorship with the superlative Charlotte Wood) is due for publication in March 2018 with Picador. I am represented by agent Jacinta di Mase.

I sometimes write reviews for the Newtown Review of Books. Here for example is my review of Melissa Ashley’s The Birdman’s Wife.

Crocheted Great Barrier Reef. Image retrieved from http://kreinikthread.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/crochet-me-story.html