Hi there! My name’s Tracy Sorensen. I’m a novelist, freelance journalist, and video maker based in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.

The Lucky Galah: My novel, The Lucky Galah, has been shortlisted for the Readings Prize for new Australian fiction. Thank you Picador, my agent, Jacinta di Mase and a big ol’ village of long-time supporters for helping me get this far.

Video & documentary: My feature-length documentary,  Songs for Kate, is available from Ronin Films or from Books Plus in Bathurst. I’ve also made many client-based videos. Here’s the promo video for Nicole Welch’s 2015/16 touring exhibition. I’m booked out for the rest of 2018 – if you need a video, let me know and I’ll recommend someone.

PhD: I’m now working on a PhD in craft & climate change communication. This project now has its own blog over here (not recommended reading – it’s more a personal sandpit for thinking.)

Saving tha’ planet: I’m an active member of Bathurst Community Climate Action Network and I write a column on climate change for Bathurst’s Western Advocate.

OMG WTF. In the morning, I just a person with anaemia; by the afternoon I'd become a fully-fledged member of the Dangerously Ill club, but there was not, as yet, a diagnosis.


Saving myself: My life since 2010 has been rather dominated by the fact that I am a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation. This is something I have in common with the actress Angelina Jolie. (Other than that, not much in common.)

Other writings: I’m also using this site to store journalism and other writing originally published elsewhere and to keep lists that I update from time to time, like favourite childhood books and an inventory of words used incorrectly by students (don’t worry, I’m not naming anyone) .

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